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Prepared community, integrated child

Training for professionals in Bucharest and in the country, for acquiering technical abilities in group working on school integration of children with autism

Last week, a course for psychologists, on technical work for school integration of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) was held in Bucharest. The course was organized by the Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation, within the project “Prepared comunity, integrated child – support for educational and social integration of children with autism spectrum disorders”.

The training was supported by lecturers Ancuţa Dumitrescu, psychologist, BCBA consultant, and Claudia Matei, pedagogue, consultant in applied behavior analysis, and had a duration of 3 days, including 8 hours of training per day. The course was attended by 29 professionals, psychologists from the ASD Centers in Bucharest – District 4 and and in Bacau, Botosani, Braila, Neamt, Prahova, Suceava, Tulcea, Vaslui and Vrancea counties included in the project, based on the large incidence of autism.

Participation in the course was free, all costs of transportation, accommodation, meals and course materials being borne by the organizers.

Professionals have mastered concepts on social integration in kindergarten and school of children with autistic spectrum disorder, and learned about system implementation tokens and timetables visual management plan, specific methods of modeling the behavior, visual perspective of skills development, social thinking and social skills, adapting curricula to the ASD issues, developing skills and self management techniques. Also, the participants discussed case studies.

In the coming period until the end of the project (March 2016), the professionnals will work with at least 2 children with ASD in the counties included in the project and the interventions will be supervised by the lecturers, through a online platforms.

The purpose of the training and the supervised work with children with ASD is, on the one hand, to increase the skills of the professionnals in helping autistic children to integrate in schools and, on the other hand, to prepare for school integration 100 Children with autism in Bucharest and in the 9 districts.

Training specialists will be followed in October by a training for teachers in mainstream and special schools. This training will also be provided by project registration follows up on 09.16.2015 on:

The project “Prepared comunity, integrated child – support for educational and social integration of children with autism spectrum disorders” started on 1st of April 2015 and is implemented by Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation in partnership with the State Diagnostic and Counseling Center (SDCC) in Iceland and the Departments of Child Protection in Bucharest and 9 counties (Bacau, Botosani, Braila, Neamt, Prahova, Suceava, Tulcea, Vaslui and Vrancea).

The project has a duration of 12 months and is funded by the EEA Grants 2009-2014, in the NGO Fund in Romania. Total project value is EUR 148 794, of which 133 894 euro grant  and 14,900 euro co-financing.


Costinela Caraene, PR Coordinator, Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation

Tel: 0721.151.187


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